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CKL USB 3.0 4x2 Matrix HDMI KVM Switch Dual Monitor 4K 60Hz 942HUA-M

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Product Features:

1. Hook up 4 computers or laptops to share one independent set of keyboard, mouse, dual monitors and more USB 3.0 Peripherals;

2. Support dual HDMI monitor outputs for extended or duplicated displays on one computer, or matrix displays on 2 selected computers (one monitor on one computer simultaneously);

3. Support maximum resolution of 4K@60Hz = 4096x2160@60Hz (4:3 monitor) or 3840x2160@60Hz (16:9 monitor) and compatible downwards;

4. Cross support multiple performs including Windows, Linux, Mac and most major operation systems;

5 Support 5 switching modes to meet with various needs: 1. Keyboard Hotkey 2. Mouse Clicks 3. Push button. 4. Wired Remote 5. IR remote (battery not included, battery specification is CR2025 3V)

6. With latest USB pass-though technology to be compatible with more wired or wireless keyboard and mouse;

7. Support HDMI digital audio (need to set HDMI audio as default audio output in sound settings);

8. Support auto scan with adjustable interval between 8-999 seconds for monitoring and testing purposes (default inactive);

9. Comes with all cables and accessories except monitor cables which usually come with monitors.


  1. Dual monitor display requires 2 HDMI connection from each computer, however, most computers especially laptops do not have dual HDMI outputs, thus reliable adapters or docking station will be needed but not included for non-HDMI video ports like DisplayPort, USB C, DVI and VGA. Please be aware of the adapters needed for your computers before ordering it, or reach out CKL support for recommendations.
  2. HDMI Monitors are preferred to avoid adapters being used on both computer side and monitor side which will probably cause display issue.
  3. VGA to HDMI, HDMI to VGA and HDMI to DisplayPort adapters need to be at least USB powered, DisplayPort adapter needs to be active type. Simple video conversion cables are not recommended due to most simple conversion cable does not have built-in chips for reliable performance, they may work directly with computers, but may not work through the KVM switch; Resolution relies on adapters and docking stations as well.
  4. Some keyboards and mice with special features like back lights, trackballs, gaming, mechanical, razar etc. may not work well on the USB keyboard and mouse ports which are dedicated for hotkeys, the workarounds are to turn off the hotkeys or plug them into USB 3.0 HUB ports.
  5. If you have any assistance needed while setting up or using our products, please do not hesitate to reach out for CKL support.

This KVM Switch Supports Dual Monitor Mode and Matrix Monitor Mode.

1. Dual Monitor Mode means the 2 monitors are extended or duplicated on one selected computer, and switch between 2 computers. Use the upper row of white buttons on front of the switch. the LED under the right white button will be off.

2. Matrix Monitor Mode means the 2 Monitors are on 2 different computers, one for each computer, and switch between 2 monitors. Use the bottom row of white buttons on front of the switch, the LED under the right white button will be on. The matrix monitor modes includes 4 options for 1A+2B, 2A+3B, 3A+4B and 4A+1B (Number stands for PC, A & B stand for video outputs of the selected PC. 


Audio Support: 

This KVM switch only supports HDMI digital audio, please make sure you select HDMI audio or Monitor audio (the monitor connected to HDMI Out A) as default audio output in the sound settings, otherwise the audio would not work properly. If neither HDMI audio nor monitor audio is available in the sound settings due to whatever reason, the sound would not work.



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