VGA Splitter 4 Port 1 PC to 4 Monitors Video Distributor Amplifier Daisy Chainable USB Powered Supports 250MHz 1920x1400 CKL-1041U

  • V1. 1 VGA IN, 4 VGA OUT. Support 250 MHz video bandwidth. This VGA Splitter is for video or image duplication, not for extending the PC screen.
  • 2. Superior video quality - 1920x1400@60Hz. DDC, DDC2, DDC2B Compatible.
  • 3. Long Transmission: Amplifies video signal and extends transmission distance up to 213 feet (65m)
  • 4. Daisy-Chainable: Units can be daisy-chained (Casdaded) to handle as many monitors as the installation requires, offers an excellent solution for public broadcast system. Ideal for public broadcasting, remote monitoring, classroom and training facilities.
  • 5. Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Guaranteed

  • These video splitters are designed to boost and duplicate the video signal from any analogue source device to two, four, or eight monitors/displays. As such, they provide fast, flexible solutions for situations such as:

  • 1)Broadcasting video information (news headlines, stock prices, airline and train schedules, etc.) to the public

  • 2)Monitoring harsh work environments from safe locations

  • 3)Classroom or company training facilities

    The splitters go beyond being only duplicators however, in that they also enhance the video signals over long distance broadcasting of up to 65m (213').

  • In addition, units can be daisy-chained to handle as many monitors as the installation requires, making them an excellent solution for public broadcast systems.

  • To achieve multiple high quality VGA, SVGA, or Multisync video signals over long distances, these video splitters are your best choice.

    Ultra-high 250MHz bandwidth
    Enhances video signal for distances up to 65m (213')
    Supports DDC, DDC2, DDC2B (port 1 only)
    Daisy chainable
    ABS plastic housing
    Small form factory
    Ideal for public broadcasting; remote monitoring, classroom and training facilities

  • Note:
    1. If you connect a DDC type monitor to video out port 1, all other monitors must be able to support the highest resolution that the DDC monitor can provide.

  • 2. These products are designed for VGA, SVGA, and Mulitsync monitors. They are not suitable for CGA, EGA, or MONO type monitors that use digital video signals.

  • 3. For the best video quality, we recommend using UL2919 rated extender cables.


    Product Dimensions:

  • 8.6 x 4.8 x 2.7 cm ; 150 g 

    Boxed-product Weight:159 g


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