2x2 KVM Switch Dual Monitor HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz (Cost Saving Option) CKL-922HUA-1A

  • 2 PORT KVM SWITCH DUAL MONITOR: Many of you may have 2 desktops or laptops for personal and work, this KVM Switch is for you to control them using one set of keyboard, mouse and single or dual monitors to build a tidy and efficient home office and reduce device spending.
  • KVM SWITCH 2 COMPUTERS 2 MONITORS WIDE COMPATIBLITY: Cross supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, Ubuntu, Raspberry and most other major OS; also supports HDMI devices without USB signal input like DVR, NVR etc
  • KVM SWITCH HDMI 2.0 4K 60HZ: Confirms to HDMI 2.0 protocol, supports maximum resolution of 3840x2160@60Hz and compatible downwards, Dual monitor requires 2 HDMI connection from each computer to the KVM switch, please be aware of the adapters you might need before order;
  • PC MONITOR SWITCH AND USB SELECTOR: This USB KVM has 2 USB keyboard and mouse port which are dedicated for hotkeys, they can be changed to standard, USB 2.0 HUB by turning off hotkeys, if you are using a wireless keyboard and mouse set sharing one dongle, then you will have a spare USB 2.0 HUB port for one more USB 2.0 peripherals (power hunger USB device not recommended);
  • COMVENIENT SWITCHING MODES: Supports multiple switching modes to jump between personal and work around 2 seconds via mouse roller clicks, keyboard hotkeys, push button or wired remote, also support auto scan with adjustable interval time for monitoring or testing purposes.

  • Sharing Keyboard, Mouse and Dual Monitors between Home Desktop, Work Laptop and Gaming Computers


    • 2 computers / laptops share one set of keyboard, mouse, dual monitors and more USB 2.0 peripherals;
    • Dual monitor outputs support up to 4Kx2K (3840*2160) @60Hz (HDMI 2.0) for extended, mirrored or spliced display;
    • Support wired or wireless keyboard and mouse with USB pass-though technology;
    • Cross support most major OS including Windows, Linux, Mac;
    • Advanced switching modes: keyboard Hotkey, mouse clicks, push button, auto scan and wired remote;
    • Support either HDMI digital audio (default) or 3.5mm audio outputs and swapping between computers
  • Installation Proceedures


    1. Power off everything before installation;
    2. Computer 1: Connect 2 HDMI outputs from computer 1 to HDMI IN 1 A and HDMI IN 1 B ports; Connect USB A-male to USB 2.0 port on computer 1, and USB B-male to USB 1 input on the KVM switch;
    3. Computer 2: Connect 2 HDMI outputs from computer 2 to HDMI IN 2 A and HDMI IN 2 B ports; Connect USB A-male to USB 2.0 port on computer 2, and USB B-male to USB 2 input on the KVM switch;
    4. Primary Monitor: Connect primary monitor to HDMI Out A;
    5. Extended Monitor: Connect extended monitor to HDMI Out B;
    6. Keyboard and Mouse: Connect keyboard and mouse into USB keyboard and mouse port respectively;
    7. After cables being connected, power on the kvm switch first, then monitors, then computers.
  • Recommended Adapters

    This Dual Monitor KVM Switch requires 2 HDMI input for each computer and 2 HDMI output for monitors. However, most computers especially laptops do not have dual HDMI output, thus reliable adapters will be needed for non-HDMI outputs like VGA, DVI, USB C, DisplayPort.

    Please be aware of this before order!

  • How to Get Audio Work (PLEASE READ)

    This KVM Switch supports HDMI digital output, Make sure you select HDMI Audio Output as default in your sound settings.

    Do not select your audio device as default sound device, otherwise the audio would not work properly.

  • 3 Display Modes


    1. Extended Display
    2. Mirrored Display
    3. Spliced Display

    5 Switching Modes


    1. Keyboard Hotkey
    2. Double Click the middle roller of mouse
    3. Push Button on front panel.
    4. Wired remote switch
    5. Auto Scan with adjustable interval time between 8-999 seconds

    Universal Compatibility

    Cross support most major OS including

    Windows, Linux, Mac and more.

    What's in the box

    1* 2 port USB2.0 Dual Monitor KVM HDMI

    1* Mini USB Cable+Wired Remoter

    4* HDMI 2.0 Cables (4.92ft)

    2* USB2.0 Cables (4.92ft)

    1* USB Power Cable

    1* User manual in English


    The HDMI cables for monitor is not including!

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