CKL 2x2 Matrix DisplayPort +HDMI KVM Switch Dual Monitor USB 3.0 4K 60Hz, PC Monitor Keyboard Mouse Peripherals Sharing Box with Cables for 2 Computers or Laptops CKL-622DH-M


2 PORT KVM SWITCH DUAL MONITOR: Hook up 2 computers or laptops to share one independent set of keyboard, mouse, dual monitors and more USB 3.0 peripherals, a premium choice for reducing equipment and work safe from home efficiently;

KVM SWITCH FOR 2 MONITORS AND 2 COMPUTERS: Support both dual extended or mirrored displays on 1 selected computer or 2 matrix display on 2 different computers (1 monitor on 1 computer and swap them easily;

DisplayPort+HDMI KVM SWITCH 4K 60HZ: Conforms to DisplayPort and HDMI protocol for maximum resolution of 4K@60Hz, 4096x2160@60Hz (4::3 monitor) or 3840x2160@60Hz (16:9 monitor) and compatible downwards.

HIGH SPEED USB 3.0 KVM SWITCH: The integrated 2 USB 3.0 HUB ports allows you to share 2 more USB peripherals like printer, scanner, webcam and hard disk between 2 computers with data transfer rate up to 5Gbp/s (10 times faster than USB 2.0), also draws extra power from USB 3.0 connection on each computer;

ADAPTERS MAY BE NEEDED: Please be aware that this dual monitor kvm requires DisplayPort and HDMI connections for each computer or laptop, and 2 HDMI outputs for monitors, reliable adapters or docking stations will be needed for computers especially laptops which do not have dual HDMI outputs, please be aware of this before order.

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