List of Adapters that work with CKL Dual Monitor HDMI KVM Switches

It seems not possible to make one KVM switch that can fit all, especially for dual monitor kvm switches, which needs to handle with multiple computers, various monitors, keyboards and mice. 

Let's take our hero item 2 Port HDMI KVM Switches 4K 30Hz CKL-922HUA as an example, it has 4 HDMI inputs (2 for each computer), and 2 HDMI outputs. 

As HDMI is currently the most pupular video interface either on computers or on monitors, and it seems less issue with HDMI singal conversion, that's why we developed this model and it turns out to be thousands of customers' choice. 

However, most computers or laptops don't have 2 HDMI outputs, and when you have multiple computers to manage, you may have different type of video ports  like HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort., USB C, or USB 3.0. Here comes the question, what adapters I need for my set up? 

It truely depends on the graphic outputs on your computers and the type of video interface on your monitors. 

We have developed variety of dual monitor kvm switches like dual HDMI, Dual DisplayPort, Dual DVI, Dual VGA, Dual HDMI + VGA, Dual HDMI + DisplayPort, Dual VGA + DVI ect. for customers to chooe the best fit based on their configurations. The less adapters needed, the better. 

We have been building up a list of adapters based on customer feedback and will be updating it continuously. Please click here to download the list. 

Thank you for reading and welcome for any opinions and questions!