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VGA KVM Switch 2 Port + Cable Kits + USB 2.0 HUB Support Audio Microphone 2048 * 1536 450MHz,2 Computers Sharing PC Monitor Keyboard Mouse Printer Scanner U Disk CKL-21UA

  • 1. Console Controls 2 Computers/Servers with One Set of Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor and Support Audio and Microphone Switch with Interfaces for Speaker and Mic. Provided:
  • 2. Support DOS and Multi Updated Operation Systems; Support High Resolution 2048*1536 and all type of VGA Input and Output Devices;
  • 3. Support USB2.0 Port Extension for printer, Jump drive and other USB devices connection; Work with wireless Keyboard and Mouse;
  • 4. Plug and Play with 2 set of Original KVM cables included, No Driver and External Power Supply Needed;
  • 5. With Correspondent LED light color indicating Port Connection/Switching Status; ABS Housing Designed with 2 Mountable Holes at Bottom which Serves as Heat Dissipation As well

  • Product Features:
    1, Support for DOS and a variety of operating systems.
    2, The maximum resolution of 2048 x1536.
    3, Including audio (speaker and microphone) switch.
    4, There is a port on the surface of the shell indicator, indicating that the current LED is lit where the port information.
    5. Support USB 2.0, support USB Hub to share USB peripherals.

    1. No power required.
      How to Connect:
      Note: The USB KVM Switch does not require any drivers or software.
      1.Turn off both computers and their peripherals, and disconnect all power cords.
      2.Connect the shared keyboard, monitor, mouse, microphone (optional) and speaker (optional) to the KVM Switch's console port.
      3.Use the provided KVM and audio cables to connect your PC to your KVM switch.
      4.Turn ON the first computer and wait until startup completes.
      5.Press the face panel button on the KVM Switch to select the second computer (Optional).
      6.Turn ON the second computer and wait until startup completes.
      Your installation is now complete.
      Switching Operation Instructions:
      Manual( push button):Simply press the appropriate port selection switch on the front panel. After you press the switch, the select LED lighting indicate that the port is current selected.
      Box Content:
      1* 21UA KVM Switch
      2* KVM Cables