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2 Port HDMI + VGA Dual Monitor KVM Switch CKL-922HV



Product Description

CKL-922HV 2 Port HDMI + VGA KVM Switch Dual Monitor is made for controlling 2 computers or laptops with one set of keyboard, mouse and 2 monitors for extended or mirrored display, as well as sharing more USB peripherals like printer, scanner, webcam, audio devices and USB drives between computers. A premium solution for working from home (WFH), gaming, software developing, graphic drawing, file editing and more multi-task jobs.

Key Features

  1. Hook up 2 computers or laptops to share one set of keyboard, mouse, 2 monitors and more USB peripherals
  2. With 2 monitor outputs for extended or mirrored displays at the same time
  3. Support highest resolution up to 3840x2160 (4K) @30Hz(for HDMI) and 2048x1536@450MHz (for VGA) with built-in auto EDID.
  4. Cross support major operation systems including Windows, Linux, Mac and more
  5. Support 5 switching modes by keyboard hotkeys, mouse clicks, push button, wired remote and auto scan.
  6. Compatible with most wired or wireless keyboards and mice.
  7. With extra USB 2.0 HUB port and audio support
  8. Solid built with high-end protective metal housing to ensure sturdiness on desk
  9. Comes with all cables except cable for monitors.

Recommended Configurations

  1. 2 computers or laptops or other applicable devices with dual graphic outputs (HDMI + VGA arepreferred)
  2. 2 monitors (One HDMI monitorand one VGA monitor are preferred)
  3. Wired or wireless keyboard and mouse

How to Get Dual Monitor Display

  1. Each computer needs 2 video connections using the included cable A and B.
  2. IN A ports are for HDMI Out, IN B ports are for VGA Out.
  3. Use reliable adapters for computers for non-HDMI graphic outputs like, DVI, DisplayPort or USB C), simple conversion cable may not work.
  4. Try not to use adapters on both computer and monitor for a same video chain. For instance, if you used an adapter for connecting IN B port, and another adapter on HDMI Out B, it may cause display issue. 

How to Get Keyboard, Mouse and USB Peripherals Work

  1. Make sure cable A connections are correct. The USB must be connected to a USB 2.0 port on each computer; the other end with only HDMI must be connected to IN A ports instead of IN B ports.
  2. Some keyboard and mouse with special feature may not work well on the 2 USB ports at back panel, if so, please turn off the hotkey then these 2 USB ports will change to standard USB 2.0 port like the front USB, and use the wired remoter to switch between computers.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q1: Does it come with cables?

A1: Yes, it includes all cables and power adapter except cables for monitors.

Q2: My computer or laptop only has 1 HDMI out, how can I connect it?

A2: If there is other graphic outputs like DVI, DisplayPort or USB C besides the HDMI, please use reliable adapter for the 2nd video connection. If no other graphic outputs, a docking station with dual video outputs will be needed. Otherwise, it is not for you.

Q3: Does it support monitor 1 on computer 1, monitor 2 on computer 2 simultaneously?

A3: No, the 2 monitors will be on a same computer selected. But you can check our matrix models which supports PC 1 on monitor 1, PC 2 on monitor 2. 

Q4: Can I use this KVM switch for single display? 

A4: Yes, use the IN A ports and HDMI Out A for single monitor display.